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Date: 2008-12-16 15:48
Subject: TO DEAR..
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Tags:happy birthday 15thminute

I'm sorry I couldn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday. My uncle had some work stuff and had to go off so I couldn't ask him to let me use the computer. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration (I received an email from Rain and read Ren's blog) and had a wonderful day!

Though I can't give you a proper present now, I prepared a little something. It's nothing much, but I hope you like it (^.^)

" I have a song I only want to sing for you "

[A discussion session on an one night only special live performance]

The year 2008 is about to come to an end. While looking back at the year, they happily discussed their daydream on holding a live performance on Christmas, the biggest winter event of the year.

Fujiie: Ehh, it's already time to talk about Christmas? Doesn't a year pass by really quickly?
Akun: Really quickly.
2008 really passed by quickly -
Fujiie: But for us,
2008's main event was with Matchy-san. Matchy with Question?. Oh, talking about that, just the other time I watched the Mezamero Yasei PV which I haven't done so in a long time.
Yodo: That PV is really surprising because everyone looks so different from how we look right now. Akun was bald (laughs)
Ishigaki: Yodo and I had black hair, right?
Yodo: Yeah, yeah. And Yone didn't part his fringe and had "idol hair" (laughs)
Yone: That was because someone told me that it was better that way! But ultimately no one's face changed at all.
Ishigaki: But Akun lost about 9kg from that time -
Akun: Now I'm about 71kg, but there was a time when I was 80kg...
Ishigaki: You were saying "I think I'll reach 100kg soon" right?
Yodo: 3 digits!?
Fujiie: Then you'd be double of our weight right!?
Yone: Then, you went on a diet?
Akun: Nope, in the summer I ate horse meat and that really hit me. I went to the toilet 10 times a day...
Everyone: Enough of that talk, enough!
Ishigaki: Someone please change the topic! (laughs)
Yone: Well, whatever we call 2008, we constantly managed to perform in lives (performances) so isn't that satisfying? We managed to make more original songs too.
Fujiie: And being able to perform the song Yone wrote in Shokura is quite a big thing for us too.
Ishigaki: And if the audiences who heard it felt that they want to attend our live performances, that would make us really happy.
Yone: Because live performances are the best.
Yodo: And holding that live performance on Christmas day.. is the theme of our talk today.
Fujiie: Don't you think that the fans would be spending Christmas with their boyfriends?
Ishigaki: Then, let's make the venue of our live performance the place of their date.
Akun: As long as they bring their boyfriends it's okay!
Fujiie: Haa?! That would make me really frustrated!
Akun: What are you!? (laughs)
Fujiie: Like how jealous am I, eh.
Ishigaki: Like "She's my fan, but why is she looking at Yone!"
Fujiie: That wouldn't be nice (laughs). Then, let's think of a Christmas-like performance. Firstly Akun would dress up as a raindeer, and Yone would be Santa.
Akun: I don't want to be a raindeer.
Yone: I would be the Santa.
Ishigaki: Yone would be the "I'm not gonna give you the presents~" kind of Santa right? (laughs)
Everyone: Ahahahaha!
Fujiie: During the live in July, we prepared our own Yukatas and stuff and wore them right? That was well-received.
Ishigaki: That's why, dressing up as Santa is a good idea.
Fujiie: Akun would be the raindeer.
Akun: Whyyyy. Anyway, let's play Bingo. Oh, if we play Bingo it wouldn Bingo. Oh, if we play Bingo it wouldn't be a live if we play Bingo it wouldn't be a live performance. But, giving away signatures and lyrics by lucky draw is a good idea right?
Fujiie: Then, like a band. let's create a Christmas song.
Yone: Nono, let's not get affected by Christmas, and do the lives in our usual way.
Fujiie: Eh, Yone is not going to create a song for us? Then I.. No, Yodo will.
Yodo: Pushing it to others (laughs)
Akun: How about arranging a song we already have into a Christmas version. Besides, having a live performance on Christmas is enough of a surprise, so I'm sure everyone would be happy.
Ishigaki: Is it all right to have that kind of ending to this talk.
Yodo: It's always like this (bitter laughs)

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User: 15thminute
Date: 2008-12-21 12:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

I'm so sorry I only got around to replying at this time =( YOU MAKE ME WANT TO GO AND WATCH A QUESTION? LIVE EVEN MORE, Yori sounds like a typical fool, STILLZ~

Wish you could be around with us, but I'm sure you're having lots of fun in Japan!

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