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FANFIC ONE SHOT: Arashi - Answers - ♥ 平成FAMILY

Date: 2008-09-05 00:36
Subject: FANFIC ONE SHOT: Arashi - Answers
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Tags:fanfiction: one-shot arashi
Title: Answers
Author: likeyesterdays 
Pairing: Matsumiya (One sided), Ohmiya
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG
Jun was never the type to allow his feelings to take over him.

He always believed that he was one who thought over

everything carefully, always believed that he had carefully

analysed the situation before making any move.

So he absolutely could not understand what had made him

kiss Nino on his cheek that day. It might have been because

of the bad coffee he had drunk that morning. Or it might have

been due to the lack of sleep lately. He thought through it all

night, considering all possibilities, then ruling them all out

again, wondering, pondering, but still could not come up with

any answer.


"Jun? Why are you calling me at 4am in the morning?"

"I need some answers."

There was a slight, awkward pause.

".. Is it because of the kiss?"


"I think you better think through it yourself."

It had been after the recording of that week's Shukudai-kun.

The recording had ended earlier than usual, and so the rest of

them stayed in the dressing room for a little while longer than

usual, chatting, laughing, smiling, fooling around. Nino, as

usual, was sitting on Ohno’s lap, Aiba and Sho sat on a sofa,

and Jun sat directly opposite them.

“..And you know, the girl leaned in, and their faces were only

inches away, and I got very nervous, so I grabbed Sho-chan’s


Sho smacked Aiba’s head lightly. “You don’t have to go so

much into detail, stupid.”

“But because of that, I missed that scene. It was apparently

so touching that Sho-chan was tearing a little..”


“Yes you did! Sho-chan, I want to watch the movie again..”

“What for?! Just to watch that scene!?”

Aiba nodded. “Of course! The ending is the most important!”

“Then why didn’t you watch it in the first place!”

“Because I was nervous!”

Then Aiba suddenly stopped. Sho looked at him, puzzled.

“I forgot that Arashi has two very prominent actors! Come on,

Jun will be the male lead, and Nino the female. Nino, I can’t

help it that you look feminine.”


“So, like this?” Nino’s face was only a few centimetres away

from Jun’s face.

“Oi, it’s supposed to me inches, not centimetres.”

Aiba shrugged. “It’s the same.”

Jun could see Nino’s face clearly. That was obvious, of

course, considering the closeness of their faces. But there

were a few points that Jun had never noticed about Nino, like

how messy Nino’s fringe was and how clear his eyes were.

And then all of a sudden, Jun just leaned forward and kissed

Nino’s cheeks.

“NO NO NO Jun! He did not kiss her cheeks; he kissed her on

her lips! Well actually I don’t know, but I’m sure he did,

because if he didn’t, that wouldn’t be a good ending, because


“That’s enough, Aiba Masaki, you and your ideas-“

“But Sho-chan!”

Nino stared blankly at Jun, his expression unreadable. Then

he moved back to Ohno’s lap. Ohno patted Nino’s head, and

the rest of them went back to talking just as before, as if

nothing had happened. Jun felt dazed, and confused beyond



A few hours after his phone call with Sho, Jun went to prepare

for work. It was still early, but he wanted to settle things once

and for all with Nino. He still couldn’t quite understand what

had happened to him, but he wanted to talk with Nino. He had

to. He needed answers.

He walked along the quiet corridors, bag slung over his

shoulders. No one was here yet, he decided. Not even the

juniors. He was about to walk in to the dressing room when he

heard a few noises.

“Nino, I have something to tell you.”


Jun could hear the faint sound of Nino tapping on his DS.

“Put down your game for a while?”

To Jun’s surprise, the tapping stopped straight away. Nino

never stopped his game for anyone.

“Yes Oh-chan?”

“I-I love you.”

There was a short silence, and Jun felt a sudden strange

feeling inside him. It was rather suffocating, but Jun was sure

there wasn’t any problem with his health, he had been taking

care of himself very well, ate his vegetables and drank at least

a litre of water each day. So what could explain this

suffocation? This ache in his head? This painful lump in his


“Y-you don’t need to feel the same for me. I just felt that I had

to tell-“

“Oh-chan, I love you too.”

Jun suddenly felt shut out from the world. He was unable to

hear anything, and the suffocating feeling increased, the lump

in his throat proceeded to make him tear, the aching in his

head never ceased. He didn’t understand what was happening

to him, he couldn’t comprehend what was making him feel

this way. He leaned against the wall,

Someone tapped his shoulder, and he looked up.


Sho hugged him.

“I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way.”

Jun stood there, numb.

“It’s okay, at least I got my answer.”
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